Overcoming Your Lust

Lust can be defined as a usually intense or unbridled sexual desire. Lust occurs at some point in every youth’s life. In 80% it is experienced by the male gender. It’s no longer strange to read updates of criminal acts of rape by youths (boys) on the blog posts, newspaper headlines etc. Lust can be associated driving force behind such act.


Today’s society is filled with indecency; girls dressing indecently, posting nude/semi-nude pictures on social media, tempting music lyrics, movies, novels, dance moves etc. lust may be difficult to overcome because it exist in the mind which most times leads to some physical actions( sex, or masturbation) . The under listed tips may help youth overcome sexual urges/ lust.

Develop the will. The will of each human could be a strong weapon against temptations. Every youth most learn to decide strongly on what is best and pleasing to God and make it an irreversible decision once he overcomes temptation.

Talk to a confident. Communication is a good tool in combating lust. Talking to a good friend or relative about your feeling will actually allow them to challenge and advise you properly about your feeling.

Be accountable to someone. Once you communicate your feelings, it is important to have someone around who can follow you up and ask you questions about your sexual urges/ actions. This will enable you to stay strong and away from temptations.

Put controls on your technology. It’s important for youth to take control over their phones, computers, TV screens and not vice versa. It is written ‘If your eyes cause you to sin plug it off’. Having control on what we look at is very important in overcoming lust.

Stay off unhelpful friends. There are certain friends we have who help us drown in sin by making us visit unholy places, watching and talking about obscene ideas etc. it is important to lay off such friends in other to maintain our decency.

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