Liverpool manager (Klopp) pleased about Bayern link

Liverpool coach (Juergen Klopp) hinted on Tuesday that he would remain in the club for another five years following his Champions League success, in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper. Klopp did not rule out a future return to the Bundesliga, however after Franz Beckenbauer urged him to join Bayern Munich earlier this week.

Bayern and Germany legend Beckenbauer said that he wants “noting more” than to see Klopp in the Bayern dugout. But Liverpool coach suggested that he could stay at Liverpool for another five years or more, which he said “both Bayern and Dortmund have very good coaches at the moment and I don’t know what the situation will be in five years or beyond. Maybe there are other coaches who are being considered”.

But Klopp didn’t rule out joining Bayern, and he said that he was “pleased” by Beckenbauer’s comments, which he added “I like Franz and he likes me. But I have a long term contract in Liverpool”. Klopp’s current contract expires in 2021, and the Premier League club is reportedly seeking to extent it. Which he also added he was not scared of losing his star players “The players knows what an unbelievable club they are playing for, so am not concerned

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