Man Sets world-record 49 watermelons chopped on his stomach


An Indian martial artist claimed a breadth taking world record by allowing dozens of watermelons to be chopped on his stomach.


Vispy Jimmy Kharadi enlisted the help of fellow martial artist Vispi Baji Kasad to use a 30-inch katana to slice the fruit in order to claim the Guinness World Record for most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute.


The pair managed to avoid injury and chop a total of 49 watermelons, narrowly edging out the previous record of 48.


“The danger is always there in all such stunts, especially when there’s a Japanese katana in the picture which can cut skin very easily, but because of the practice and confidence of Vispi Kasad, the pain can be offset,” Kharadi said.


Kasad said he had to be very careful to balance properly cutting the watermelons while also avoiding injury to his friend.

“The most challenging part is the final precision of the cut. After I cut the watermelon, I have to be very careful that the blade does not even touch the skin of the open stomach,” he said.


Once the record attempt was completed Kasad and Kharadi were presented with a world record plaque and the watermelon slices were shared with guests and workers at the event.


The pair of martial artists also attempted the world record for most layered bed of nails sandwich (1 inch) as part of their quest to claim multiple records for India.


“We want to break 10 Guinness World Records titles for our country,” Kasad said. “We are already prepared with the next two records with a sword.”


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