Revealed: NKIRU/NGOZI Saga: The Beasts In Sheep Clothing

Ngozi Akakem and Confera Kenneth

The evening of Friday the 25th day of January 2019 came as any other normal Friday for Nkiru.

There was no premonition of what was to play out later on that evening!

How was she to know that what has been described by human rights activists as cyber bullying was lurking in the corner for her!

To the main, what before can be described as a thriving friendship between two friends Nkiru and Ngozi Akakem turned completely sour as the latter Ngozi turned bully, stripped  her friend Nkiru naked in her own house, records her nudity and brazenly posted same on the blogosphere.

Her friend!

The bone of contention?

Fact is, one woman’s nakedness can be said to equate to the nakedness of all women!

Consequently, Malizumedia in a genuine effort to ferret out the facts of the case interviewed Miss Nkiru (Ngozi Akakem is said to be on the run) to get to the root of the matter.

Malizumedia: Miss Nkiru, it is believed that blackmail is the reason behind the trending video of your nudes on the blogosphere. The question on the lips of many is why are you being blackmailed as a husband snatcher?

Nkiru: Let me first of all establish that Ngozi Akakem was my friend who lived in my house for days when she was sent packing by her husband and worst still disowned by her parents. She ate my food, wore my clothes and enjoyed every care a decent home should have.

Now, my problem with her started when she found out that her ex (Not her husband), was interested in dating me.

This she could not stomach as she felt disappointed especially on getting wind of the information that we had an oncoming date through her moles.

On that fateful Friday 25th evening, I was taking my siesta when Ngozi called at my residence.

She knocked on my door; I peeped through the window and could only see just Ngozi unknown to me there were three other persons with her outside.

Innocently, I opened the door for her only to be forced back into my house at gun point by the other fierce looking accomplices.

Now inside my house at the mercy of my assailants, meanwhile one of them Confera Kenneth (Nne Anumudu) who had been brought to my house earlier by Ngozi had already set her camera on cue.

Then Ngozi pointedly accused me of sleeping with her husband, one Mr Nnamdi Iwuchukwu to which I promptly denied and in defence asked her to call her husband herself to confirm my innocence.

 Still at gun point, she descended on me without waiting for further explications and threw countless punches and slaps on me, dragging, drawing and clawing at my hair even as she demanded for a knife from her accomplices to stab and kill me. This all happened in my house!

Responding to why she did not resist the assault meted out on her in any way,  Nkiru said she was intimidated by the gun wielding accomplices of Ngozi who kept their gun permanently trained on her, “my life was in danger” she said, hence “I offered the least resistance”.

Nkiru however said that since the rueful incident occurred she has taken steps to find redress, that she can’t waive her rights.

“Waive my rights after this debasing video has gone viral despite my innocence? By no means, no!” she cried out.

“I have registered my complaint with the Imo state CID as well as the Shell camp police station.”

When Malizumedia visited the Imo state CID, they confirmed the story and said Ngozi has unanswered cases of violence against women.

Some of the policemen who will not want their names mentioned on media confirmed to our correspondent that Ngozi  Akakem already has cases of assault and blackmail against her which are still under investigation.

Ngozi Akakem

Further investigations revealed that Ngozi has a desperate habit of contracting dare devil cultists to barter and blackmail any woman being chased by any man she is interested in.

Men that are not her husband!

Many women she bartered have picked up courage to speak out but pleaded not to be mentioned on media.

This is a suggestion that she has a history of bartering women as confirmed by the police sources.

In a recorded phone conversation in Igbo language between Nkiru and Ngozi’s husband, Mr Nnamdi Iwuchukwu which was recorded in police station based on police directives, here translated, confirmed that he(Mr Iwuchukwu) had no sexual intercourse with Nkiru.

Phone Conversation between Nkiru And Mr Iwuchukwu 1
Second phone conversation between Nkiru and Mr Iwuchukwu

Mr Iwuchukwu confirmed that ‘he destroyed his wife’s phone in anger in the past because she (Ngozi) does not give him attention’.

He consistently insisted that he can never support evil, and confirmed that he is not in support of the wife.

Fact is, he blamed Nkiru for sheltering Ngozi when he booted her out and when her family disowned her.

According to Mr Nnamdi Iwuchukwu while talking about Nkiru, he says

 ‘You are a good girl’!’Do I know your house’? He queried!

Again, one Dorothy Njemanze a female lawyer activist has been at the forefront of clearing the air on my blackmail on Facebook as well as fighting to bring justice to bear on my case.

In the same vein, Nkiru confirmed that she has been offered the contact of FEEDER ( federation of female lawyers )and other civil society organizations from within and outside the state  by concerned members of the public who  expressed their readiness to prosecute the case on her behalf.

“I will pursue the matter to its logical conclusion” she said.

I want justice!


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