Election observer killed in Enugu

An election observer has been killed in Enugu during Saturday’s governorship poll, a witness has said.

Police said a “local election observer” was shot, but said they were yet to confirm the man’s name and whether he was dead.

An witness revealed that the victim died after he was hit by a stray bullet as police tried to contain a protest by locals calling for the poll to be postponed in the state.

According to the eyewitness, the incident occured near the residence of the Enugu State’s All Progressives Congress’ governorship candidate, Ayogu Eze. That detail could not be immediately confirmed.

Mr Eze’s candidacy was confirmed on Thursday by the Court of Appeal after the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court ordered his replacement by fellow APC contender, George Ogara.

Mr Eze boycotted the election on Saturday as some of his supporters also refused to vote, calling a rescheduling of the election to allow their candidate campaign.

Police Spokesperson, Ebere Amarizu said investigations were ongoing to identify who the shooters were and the state of the victim.

“We are currently investigating to ascertain the shooters and the cause of the shooting,” he said. “We cannot say whether he is still alive or if he is dead. Only the doctors can confirm that. What we can tell you is that it was a local election observer that was shot,” said Mr Amarizu

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