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Miss Indigenous Africa 2017

Catching up with Miss Indigenous Africa…

Her magnificence…

Queen Chinechendo!

Written by Charles Ejinduaka


The 28th day of October 2017 will be remembered for so many reasons. For some it was their birthday or even some sort of wedding or work anniversary, etcetera.

Certainly, for the organizers and teeming followers of ‘Miss Indigenous Africa’ pageantry and her eventual winner, it will go down as an epochal day when a worthy quintessential queen was crowned by Clint’s Fashion and Entertainment, owners of the ‘Miss Indigenous Africa’ pageant.


Being on her trail for sometime, our roving correspondent eventually caught up with the delectable beauty who went away with the star prize of the event at a cosy spot and she took some time out to share some of her story.

Miss_Indeginous Africa 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet 27 years old miss Ihejika Charity Chinechendo Adaugo winner of the 2017 Miss Indigenous beauty pageant!

Born into the family of Mr Edwin Ihejika of Umuoka Amankpunato Achi Enugu State, dazzling ‘Miss Indigenous Africa’ Queen Ihejika is a graduate of English and Social Studies, a fashion designer and an actress. Any likes?

“Honesty and humility are her watchwords she noted”.

Up close and personal, delectable Miss Indigenous Africa revealed exclusively to malizumedia that it has always been her passion to be a Beauty Queen.

Prior to her current title, Queen Chinechendo had contested for NwaadaIgbo Enugu state and also has to her name many call ups to high profile fashion shows as well as parades where she had garnered the necessary mental and physical turgidity fitting for her current role as a Queen.


About the contest, Queen Chinechendo highlights that her greatest armour during the event is confidence anchored on God combined with an unyielding commitment to be true to herself and a mind-set never to retail the confidence reposed on her by her teeming supporters.

Miss Indeginous-Africa 2017

One of the glowing take aways from pageants hosted by Clint’s Fashion and Entertainment company is the huge participation it attracts across continents affording lucky contestants a rare opportunity of cross-culture mixing as well as interacting with people with diverse characters. This flavour was not lost in the event as Queen Chinechendo confessed she learned a lot from those crucial moments of interaction with other contestants.


A cursory look at Queen Chinechendo who confirmed to malizumedia that she dresses herself (Oops!She’s really a fashionista!) unveils a charming sight of a dark skinned, beauteously white toothed and  emerging amazon from Nigeria’s Coal city.

So when asked by her realest feelings now as a Crown Queen, she almost sang…’I feel happy that grace has found me, I feel so happy for I will be a role model to young girls’ the Queen gleefully concluded.


On the expectations of her Agency, Clint’s Fashion and Entertainment and teeming fans who are following her rise to stardom, Queen Chinechendo said her experience coupled with close collaboration with her backers, she will earnestly strive to achieve her pet project built around skills acquisition and women empowerment as well as uphold the ideals of ‘Miss Indigenous Africa ‘ pageantry to the hilt.


Blistering with pure passion as the conversation wore on, Queen Chinechendo remarked her resolve to pay President Mohammed Buhari a courtesy visit sometime in her reign where she will canvas for better social welfare for all youths in Nigeria.


As our chit chat got to its final moments, malizumedia was curious to know just one last thing.

Just what exactly is Queen Chinechendo’s backbone?

Her reply?

‘My parents’…


Said the Queen…’My parents love to see me succeed in life’. Honestly she went further ‘they reacted positively to the news of my participation in the pageantry to the point of fasting and praying for my success’.

‘My parents are my backbone she opined!’


This is wishing ‘Miss Indigenous Africa’,Queen Chinechendo a colorful and controversy-free reign from all of us in malizumedia.

Miss Indeginous-Africa 2017


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