I have come again crying like I came crying in 2015 general elections.

On the 9th of December, PDP held her boisterous national convention. That outing threw political analysts and watchers into several assumptions hence, throwing up many school of thoughts~~ prof Adeniran school of thought. Bode school of thought. Jimi school of thought. Dokpesi school of thought. Prince Secundus school of though etc.


Most of these candidates at one point or the other contributed to our national malady and could not inspire my humble self, character wise to carry the project of rebuilding a new PDP which requires a man of sacrifice to do.


Owing to the 2019 General Election, a wise social engineer would construct this convention bearing every factor directly or indirectly relating to 2019 in mind.


However, from the outing and the hoopla emanating from it coupled with the emergence of Prince Uche Secundus as the national Chairman of the party, it simply means that, PDP in their yesterday’ decision has anointed APC for a continued stay in Aso Rock.


Note: I’m speaking with utmost certainty here; what cost PDP her victory in 2015? The South West Factor.


How do I mean? This chairmanship position ordinarily should be ceded to the South West so as to pacify them and give them that sense of membership.


By the emergence of a south South person coupled with the zoning of the VP ticket by the PDP to the South East, PDP openly shut the South West out of equation.


The implication is this; the south West will now be the senate president in the event of PDP winning the 2019 election.


Common sense will ask this question; Vice presidency and Senate presidency which is more rewarding and impacting?


Obviously only a foolish region will go for senate presidency while she has the option of a vice president.


This goes to set the 2019 game straight; since the South west currently enjoys the position of the vice presidency, will she give it up to support PDP who has systematically schemed her out and go for senate presidency? Never!


By implication, south west will still support APC come 2019 and I won’t blame them.


PDP does not enjoy Federal might now yet, she prides as though she enjoys it. APC will not only go for thanksgiving for this monumental error, she will double her lies and unseriousness knowing that PDP has shot herself without any hope of redemption at sight before 2019.


From every angle of consideration, PDP is not ready to change her approach to internal party governance which was why they peddled consensus candidate form early yesterday with other contenders feeling too bad.


Secundus does not have the grace and the capacity to heal the retinue if wounds currently bedeviling the Peoples Democratic Party.


Only an unknown force can compel South West to vote PDP come 2019. The North is strongly with Buhari and one wonders where PDP will gather her vote from.


By Kingsley Okah

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