All vaginal discharge Not Infection

Not all vaginal discharge is infection please. Sometimes it’s because you want to ovulate so don’t always panic when you see discharge except when it smells awful or looks like cottage cheese. It is normal for you to have a discharge.

The vagina is self cleansing. This means that you don’t have to wash your vagina with soap for it to be clean. Use normal clean water and wash your vagina. I understand some of you put your finger inside when washing so as to remove the discharge. That’s wrong. Wash just the outer part which looks like the lips. Ooops.

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You should also know that the vagina is acidic. That’s why sometimes it changes the color of your pant.( I mean where the vagina sits). That shouldn’t be a call for concern. Just remember to change your pants everyday whether there’s discharge on it or not. Pants are not to be worn twice without washing.

Avoid wearing nylon pants pls. Wear cotton pants and reduce the rate at which you wear tight jeans, leggings and kolang.

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Sun dry your pants outside so the sun can heat it very well, otherwise iron them. I always advice that if possible stay at home without pants. Let your vagina breathe. Nobe every time you suppose wear pant.

Remember to always shave that vagina please.

BY Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry.

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