Season Of Fire! Dark Saturday Morning For Traders in Lagos Int’l Trade Fair Complex


malizumedia reported about the several fire outbreak  in Owerri Imo state claiming lots of life, just 3 days ago another heavy fire outbreak caused by  tanker explosion causing  serious wild fire spreading across several places causing lost of lot of properties worth millions of naira. Today again was a dark Saturday for traders in PROGRESSIVE market Lagos int’l Trade fair complex.

This sad incident occurred in early hour this morning at PROGRESSIVE market Lagos int’l Trade fair complex, people’s shops, goods packed outside were burnt, truck fully loaded with goods that supposed to leave yesterday evening due to mechanical issues it couldn’t leave, was burnt.All these worth millions of naira.


As usual the Fire Fighters  arrived at the scene much later but did not have enough water to quench the fire.

Thank God no life was lost.

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