UEFA on Monday opened an investigation into Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal celebration after scoring a hat-trick in Juventus Champions League comeback win against Atletico Madrid last week.

European football’s governing body said Ronaldo was facing charges of “improper conduct” after he mimicked Diego Simeone’s crotch-grabbing ‘cojones’ gesture in last Tuesday’s 3-0 win that sent Juventus through 3-2 on aggregate.

After scoring a decisive penalty four minutes from time, Ronaldo turned towards the Atletico fans replicated Simeone’s gesture after the Spaniard’s 2-0 first leg win by grasping his genitals and thrusting out his groin, a decision will be taken by UEFA on March 21.

Allegri said “Ronaldo is confident and he will not be suspended or fined, I think everyone celebrated their own way on the field and in the stands. I saw noting strange, just celebration. There won’t be a ban.”
Simeone was fined 20,000 eruos by UEFA for his gesture.

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