Beautiful, Benedicta Ogbonna, who became blind at Young age Celebrates her POP

“Disability only makes you know that there are other things that you can do that you never knew about; the unveiling of a hidden strength within you”.

This statement seemed to have once again come to fulfillment in the life of young beautiful Benedicta Ogbonna, a blind lady that recently celebrated her Passing out parade

Miss Benedicta Ogbonna lost her sight at a tender age as a result of undisclosed deceases, without doubt, this posed a very big challenge her, who was forced to scope with her new-found reality..

But despite being faced with this disability, Miss Benedicta Ogbonna the first child of her parents broke the chains of discouragements and worked tirelessly to achieve her dream of becoming a graduate.

She took to her Facebook page to thank God for his faithfulness, share her pictures and says”NYSC done nd dusted”.

“It’s been God all the way…finally I came out victorious. ..I can’t thank you enough. ..NYSC done and dusted. ..God is faithful. ..I’m grateful”. .she posted

Beautiful bags made by Benedicta

Indeed, Benedicta has defied everything and everyone. She was able to proof that one’s deformity or disability is not an excuse for failure.

Through her hard work and dedication, she has been able to stand out as an inspiration to many others out there facing similar challenges, including those who may have lost hope.

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