Fuel scarcity: PMS selling at 170-190 in major cities


There is a re-emergence of fuel queues  around major petrol  stations  in major cities in the country especially in the south east of Nigeria fueling fears of a possible scarcity PMS.

This development is disturbing at a time when millions of people from the south east who are wildly travelled are rearing to come back from different states of abode to enjoy the yuletide with their families.

When malizumedia hit the streets of Owerri capital of Imo state to get a first hand grip of happenings there, our reporter gathered that sights of long queues were seen in petrol stations selling at 170-190 per liter. This is at variance from the official pump price as stipulated by the federal government fixed at 145 naira.

One begins to wonder why long queues are only just resurfacing this yuletide which normally witnesses massive movement of people in the south east.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that during the last administration, the former president Goodluck Jonathan endeavored to prevent fuel scarcity for which it received national acclaim by all and sundry. In this era of  ‘CHANGE’ ,analysts are beginning to raise eyebrows at this re-emergence of long fuel queues and fears of fuel scarcity, especially in the south east, wondering if this is afterall part of the ‘CHANGE’ mantra being preached by the All Progressives Congress…APC.

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