Eye Lashes… the dangers of false eyelashes ‘Ladies Beware!!’ 1&2


Eyelashes are hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelids. Their main function is to protect the eye from debris. They also have aesthetic function adding to the beauty of the humans face and the eyes to be specific.   The use of simulated eyelashes backs down to 1961 where Griffith the film producer of Intolerance made actress   Seena Owen wear eyelashes brushing her cheeks in other to have her eyes shine larger than life “.  By 1921 false eyelashes were popular among all manner of actresses and where use mostly for beautification purposes.

False eyelashes are made of different materials. They could be a synthetic material or human hair.

There exist two types of false Eyelashes:

Temporary lashes which are applied with temporary lash glue, and are not designed to be worn when showering, sleeping or swimming.

Semi-permanent lashes, which are applied with a more aggressive type of glue of the cyanoacrylate class and last longer than the later.


Fixing false eyelashes has become an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world, becoming a must-have for most women seeking perfection and a glamorous look.  The usage of false lashes among ladies is so high and has become  every day makeup wear in the life of some women. Although false lashes add to the beauty of a woman, they also pose some serious health hazards which ladies need to be aware of.


i.        Allergy: The glue used to stick false eyelashes contain chemicals, these chemicals may disagree with your body immune system causing allergy reaction. Symptoms could range from eye itches, redness, tearing, eye discharges, redness etc.


ii.      Falling off of your natural eyelashes. Because the glue in use to place eyelashes is very powerful, they may glue to your natural eyelashes causing them to pull up when being removed. This will reduce your eyelash volume and decrease its ability to prevent debris from entering the eye.

iii.         False eyelashes may prone the eye to infection leading to diseases such as corneal ulcer. Corneal ulcer is an open sore on the cornea, the thin clear structure overlying the iris.


Street opinion about Faux eye lashes

Fixing false eyelashes is becoming a more and more popular fashion trend in the world. In Africa cosmetic surgery may not be common however, patronage of beauty enhancing products is high amongst females.

After sampling individual opinions about false eyelashes from randomly selected females’ responses gotten seemed quite interesting.

Majority of those who wore fake eyelashes as an everyday make up Claimed it is very confortable to leave with. However many complained of some sight effects which they classified as mild. These effects include: tearing, eye redness, and falling out of natural eye lashes when removed.

Surprisingly a few claimed not to have experienced any such effect despite over 3years and above of usage.  I gathered from both users and nonusers that the primary aim for the use of fake eyelashes was to enhance beauty and look presentable.  One of the interviewed girls said “I love wearing eyelashes; they make you look sharp even without makeup”.

Another respondent said “I love it; it makes my eyes pop”. No wonder Griffiths in his film dressed the actress with long eye lashes

To another group of females, though wearing of eyelash enhances beauty, it has risk which makes them scared. To some, it’s a fashion trend that risk individuals to blindness.

“I see people who wear them as being wayward and irresponsible” a lady said (I was like wow!! That’s harsh)

To another, “I use it only for occasions. The side effects are however serious if not well placed. I hate it when girls wear very long eyelashes it makes them look abnormal and wild (that was another hit).

Chioma one of our respondents gave a very interesting responds “I feel like I am wearing a basket on my eyes” she said. (I can’t help but just laughed out loud)


Here is what Dr. Nadimca has to say about false eye lashes

People wear those lashes for many reasons which can only be explained by the individuals. Basically it is worn for beauty purposes; to enhance beauty.  It is generally said that in first contact with a person, you notice their hair then on the face you notice their eyes, nose and lips and on their bodies you notice the dress.

You and i know that beauty or fashion must be followed in moderation so very long lashes don’t speak pleasantly. They give the wearer the report of being loose. This is because they turn to look more artificial. Moderate length lashes turn to be more aesthetically appealing because it looks real and the bearer comes across as being very subtle



The various adhesives used in attachment have deleterious effects to the eye should they mistakenly enter the eye. Removal of the artificial lashes also causes the natural lashes to fall off hence disposing the individual to many eye infections since the protective function of the lashes are lost when they fall off. The artificial lash may also clog the hair follicles of the natural lashes resulting in an infection of called external hordeolum. It may feel heavy on the eye lids but this feeling is subjective

An advantage is that it makes effective the protective function of the eyelashes which is prevention of dust particles and small substances from entering the eye.



By Attenchong nwgibete Menakaya for malizumedia

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