Nigeria limited was established and incorporated at the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria 2017. We discovered that we can capitalize on the missing interest in publicizing the African stories to sell the idea of a very energetic group of people to the world, and yet the most impressive part of the cornerstone of this effort we believe, will be originality.

We have one hundred and eighty million Nigerians that are linked to three hundred ethnic nationalities, enjoying membership of a huge world population in excess of 7billion and denominated by intricate variance of tribes and tongues; projecting various degrees of love and hate, including those perversions that follow this age.

“Malizumedia” is interested in how we are part of this geography and how to contribute to the search to discover Godly investment in every being. Simplified, the mission is to transform our belief to rhyme with the philosophy of “malizu”, a concept retained in the lexicon structure of the people of the cities and rural east of Southern Nigeria.

This template is created for us to congregate and tap from “izu”-Knowledge Bank, in an effort to commit to the trendiest utilization of the tools and technologies of modern civilization.

For all those phenomenal occurrences, lavish expressions, incredible achievements, gossips, scandals, deep discussions, grot and dingy stench in high and low places; and all those reports on sports emblems, developments in business, politics, and entertainment, this site remains secularized and original

It is a Knowledge Entrepreneurship where nobody is shortchanged or made victim. It is either one share from, or one contributes to the group Knowledge Bank-“izu”

In this regard and by close contact with fellows who habitually patronize illicit substances, we did discover that some of those psychedelic attitudes are given prominence because “few” culprits just want to feel the hype they believe come with being part of the lot that circumvent the laws. So it becomes valid to say that you are worth hearing and everything is worth discussing irrespective of diversions!

We have therefore made our target audience one singular entity…YOU, and then bid you to delve into this conversation with every vigor in your energy.