Condoms: Types, Proper Usage, Dos and Donts!

One of the most used and well known contraceptive device is the condom. It is the most prevalent contraceptive device used among individuals. The condom can be described as a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection. There exist both male and female condoms.  The condoms are the only accredited device with dual protective functions i.e. it can protect against STI and pregnancy.

condoms exist for both males and females. For males the sheath is worn over an erected penis.   To increase pleasure and to reduce the risk of tear; few drops of lubricant is placed at the tip of the penis before wearing it.
The female condom is a cylindrical sheath with two rings at its end. It’s inserted into the vagina   like a tampon. Lubricants is recommended for use before insertion.

There exist different types of condoms of different brands. An individual’s choice of condom to be used will depend on; size of his “third leg”, allergy, finance, kind of lubricant to be used, and personal preference.

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Rubber condoms:  These are the most common type of condoms. They could stretch widely making a good choice for the “big guys”. Rubber sheath are preferably used with water based lubricants as oils make them brake.

Flavored condoms:  They are sheaths made of flavors such as mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola. Sometimes they are colored to match the flavor; yellow for banana and red for strawberry.
For those allergic to rubber (latex) there exist polyethylene sheath. However, these are thinner and come in two sizes; big and small.


Lamb skin condoms.  Back in the days, condoms where made from animal intestines. These condoms are however not as effective as latex condom and do not protect against STI as they are permeable to some microorganism and viruses.

Rubber sheaths with spermicides: These offer double protection. Apart from blocking the sperm from entering, they also kill sperms.

Dotted, ripped and studded condoms. These have A rough feeling on their outer skin. They are designed to increase pressure as they rob along.

Ultra-thin sheaths:  Some people complain that condoms are so thick and hence they do not receive that penis/ vaginal sensation. This sheath is ideal.

“Glow in the dark condom”. This sheath retain light. It is expose to the light 30 seconds before being worn so it’s able to glow in the dark.

Pleasure condoms.:  These are designed for penial-tip/ G-spot stimulation. They have a pouch-like tip that allows for more friction and stimulation of the pleasure spot.

Edible condoms: These sheath are just as their name says. They are made of different flavors. They are rolled on the penis and the eaten off.  Edible condoms are for novelty use only—they do not provide any type of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

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The effectiveness of Condom depends on its type . Latex condom which are the most reliable condoms are known to be 98% effective. When used with a lubricant, its believed to be more effective and pleasurable. Permeable condoms could prevent against pregnancy but not against STI.

In Africa and Nigeria, many different types of condom do exist. The most popular is the latex condom. These condoms are more suitable for the average African man because it is cheap and can fit on their big guys. Condoms are preferably stores in cool dry places.

It’s worth noting that, heat, friction and cold may affect a condom and destroy it. Keeping condoms in back pocket, car glove compartment, wallets is not advisable. Use of expired condoms is also a big NO NO as they cause allergies.

Condom are safe way to enjoy sex without consequences of pregnancy or STI. However, correct and proper use is advised and abstinence till marriage is the best.

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proper way to use a female condom

proper way to use a male condom


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