Feminism, A Man’s Challenge?



People, especially men hiss at the mention of the word “feminist” thinking that is all about girls who don’t want to get married.

Who doesn’t want to get married?.

No, feminist simply advocate for “equality”. it simply states that men and woman should be given equal status in all matters diaspora. feminism is a word that has been tagged useless because people think it’s a western disease which has come to infect the African women.

feminism doesn’t mean that women hate men or do not want to be under men or do not want to get married because of broken hearts but it only believes in female supremacy. mum has always said to me that severally that a woman’s education ends in kitchen and I became infatuated with this saying and I began to ponder why it should be so said and came up with no reason.

Women’s education shouldn’t end in the kitchen. We should end to fight female oppression We should end to stand up for our rights and not be perceived as disrespectable girl We should end by choosing the right age and time suitable for us to get married and not to be pressured and tagged as liability We should end by people recognising and obeying our voice in public matters and not to be dismissed as one of those ” women talk” We should end by not being constantly told that our existence needs to be defined by a man.

We should end by not being afraid of being molested or maltreated by a Man. Being a feminist simply means that women should feel like a full human, to exploit our talents without being tagged names, to have equal human Rights, to have the same opportunity. Feminism stands for full liberation for women.

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