Stop Gossiping..Tame that your tongue..It kills


Taming the tongue


The Miriam Webstar dictionary defines a Gossip as a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others. It is almost a natural tendency in every human to gossip about something or someone. Most times, we do not necessarily mean to be harmful, however, there are some bad effects of gossip.


Gossiping has a negative coloring power on its victim. Most times Gossips emanate from jealousy and unreliability. The bible in Proverbs 20:19 warns us about slander and associating with gossips (also see Leviticus 19:16)


Gossips betray confidence and destroys people (see; Proverbs 11:13) which are a common cause of hatred, fights, murder and other vices in our society. It is, therefore, important for Christian youths to exclude themselves from such and ill.


Here are some interesting things Christian should know about gossiping.

Think before you speak: It is important to engage in healthy conversation that will stimulate your thinking facility, edify you or your neighbor. Thus before speaking be sure of how true/ reliable and what benefits the word have on you and your environment and above all if it pleases God.


Gossip hurts others

The bible in James 3:1-12 warns us of what risk the tongue can be. The tongue can actually “corrupts the whole person”. Nasty gossips most especially have an effect on our perception and it can be associated to be the causes of suicide, murder and depression.  Putting in mind that gossips hurts can limit the way you gossip



The tongue is very powerful

 in James 3:5, James in describing the tongue says; “it makes great boasts”. This means words from our mouth can actually have a huge impact on us and the people around us. We need to be mindful of what we say because this is the same tongue we use to praise honor and glorify God. We must recognize that gossip angers God.


By Christabel Menakaya for malizumedia


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